Dealing with the Coronavirus

The safety of our visitors is a top priority for Messe Karlsruhe. Our protection and security measures have been developed in close coordination with the responsible regulatory authorities. They are regularly reviewed and adapted to the dynamic situation.

The federal government has adapted the Infection Protection Act, and new measures to protect vulnerable groups will apply from 1 October 2022 until 7 April 2023. The new federal measures provide for mandatory masking in long-distance transport and in the medical sector.

Depending on the risk of infection, there is a graduated model of measures that the states can adopt individually. However, this does not include a ban on events as in the past two years of the pandemic.

Messe Karlsruhe continues to recommend wearing a protective mask (ideally an FFP2 mask) indoors on the grounds of Messe Karlsruhe.

Status 13.09.2022

Graphic Corona Reccomends

Protective measures for visitors at events and trade fairs

free Corona protective masks

There is currently no obligation to wear masks at trade fairs and events. Messe Karlsruhe recommends wearing a medical mask (ideally an FFP2 mask) indoors. In outdoor areas and when using catering services, the mask may be removed.

The hygiene concept of Messe Karlsruhe provides for sufficient disinfection and hand washing facilities at all trade fair events. In order to minimise the risk of infection, the cleaning cycle of heavily frequented areas will also be increased.

To ensure that all participants can maintain the minimum distance of 1.50 m, the aisles between the stands will be enlarged. In addition, the large hall and outdoor areas of Messe Karlsruhe and the modern ventilation systems ensure that the distance rules are observed without any problems and that there is an optimum supply of fresh air.

Transparency, open cooperation and our health are our top priorities. Stay healthy!

Please keep distance

Always keep a distance of at least 1.5 m to other people. Messe Karlsruhe supports compliance with the distance regulations by providing appropriate ground markings at relevant points.

A new admission and guidance system enables you to keep always sufficient distance to other people. The aisles (≥ 3 metres) between the stands will be adapted to the number of people expected at the same time with regard to keeping distances.

This will allow participants to move freely in the aisles and at the same time observe the distance rules.

Wear Mouth-Nose-Cover

Please wear a face mask

We recommend wearing a medical mask, ideally an FFP2 mask, while on the entire grounds of Messe Karlsruhe.

Please wash your hands

There are also sufficient disinfection stands at the entire exhibition ground.

disinfection stands

Please sneeze/cough into your elbow

Keep to the sneezing and coughing etiquette (always in the crook of your arm).

No handshakes please

We ask you to refrain from shaking hands. Give a smile instead.

Please use the elevator and sanitary facilities individually

In our restrooms and passenger elevators, the protection and hygiene measures apply as a matter of principle. We ask you to observe in particular the distance requirement of min. 1.50 m. Our staff are instructed to ensure this. Please do not forget to wash your hands!

State of health

Only visit the Messe Karlsruhe if you are in good health. If you have symptoms of a respiratory tract infection or an elevated temperature, this unfortunately precludes a visit to the fair.

Increased cleaning and disinfection

We have increased the cleaning and disinfection intervals throughout the entire site in accordance with current regulations. All contact surfaces (handrails, door handles, elevators, ATM, etc.) as well as the sanitary areas are cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals.

Disinfection facilities

You will find sufficient disinfection stands on the entire grounds


For trade fair restaurants, catering and tasting at the stand, the rules of the current protection and hygiene regulations apply in accordance with the Corona Ordinance of Baden-Württemberg in force at this time.

For gastronomic offers we ask you, among other things, to observe the currently valid requirements of the „Supplement of Risk Assessment in Accordance with the SARS-CoV2 Occupational Health and Safety Standards Sector: Hospitality“.

Optimal ventilation

Our modern ventilation systems ensure an optimal supply of fresh air.

Online ticketing

Tickets are sold online and at the box offices on site. Online tickets are mobile and allow contactless access.


Floor markings & partitions

Floor markings in all relevant areas help you to comply with the rules on distances. All our counters and counters are equipped with Plexiglas panels to protect you and our staff.

Health and Safety for exhibitors on the trade fair presence

We expect you are aware that the responsibility for the health and safety of the workforce lies with each employer or self-employd. Based on the Covid Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, Covid Ordinance of the Baden-Württemberg State Government and Messe Karlsruhe’s Supplementary Provisions to its Site Regulations , we recommend the followingminimum standards while working or otherwise spending time in the exhibition grounds:

  • Appoint a health and safety officer.
    It is your duty to ensure that health and safety precautions are actively implemented by a specially appointed staff member who is present throughout the event, i.e. a health and safety officer.
  • Ensure active communication.
    Before the start of work, the employer must instruct their employees and service providers in the relevant health and safety precautions and mandatory conduct and must document such instructions. This applies to all the phases of the event, including setup and setdown.
  • Make your workforce aware that events attract considerable public attention and that it is essential for us to prove that events can be carried out safely during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Please make sure these minimum standards are also observed by any contractors you engage directly (i.e. not instructed via Messe Karlsruhe (OSC)).

General recommendations for stand construction plans:

  • Stand construction concepts must be adapted with regard to the latest distance and hygiene rules.
  • If minimum social distancing cannot be maintained, suitable measures must be in place to compensate. These can take the form of structural measures (e.g. sneeze guards) or facial protection (i.e. face masks covering mouth and nose).
  • Provide hand sanitisation facilities at accessible exhibition stands.
  • Appoint a health and safety officer and ensure that they are available at the stand at all times.
  • Multilevel structures are only permitted if the lower level has an open-plan design and good ventilation.
  • All meeting rooms must be completely open at the top, allowing good ventilation.
  • Talks and presentations are only permitted at the stand if the applicable social distancing and health and safety regulations can be maintained.

Please find more helpful information on the following website: