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All important documents of the Messe Karlsruhe have been bundled on this page for you.

↓ General terms and conditions

↓ Travel directions

↓ Brochures and flyers

↓ Photos

↓ Hall and site plans

↓ Logos

↓ Press materials

↓ Service documents

These documents are only available in German:

These documents are only available in German:


The photos may only be used for editorial purposes. The rights of use and exploitation of the photos are held by Messe Karlsruhe. Photos that are used, modified, duplicated and/or electronically altered for these purposes must be marked with the source “Messe Karlsruhe”. Printing and publication of the photos is free of charge, however we request a specimen copy in the case of print media and a brief notification in the case of electronic media. Commercial use of press photos requires the prior written consent of the company Messe Karlsruhe.

↓ Britta Wirtz, Managing director of Messe Karlsruhe

↓ Messe Karlsruhe

↓ Events Hall Messe Karlsruhe

↓ Atrium Messe Karlsruhe

↓ Schwarzwaldhalle exterior view

↓ Schwarzwaldhalle interior view

↓ Stadthalle

↓ Gartenhalle

↓ Europahalle Messe Karlsruhe

↓ Festplatz Messe Karlsruhe aerial view

↓ entrance situation Messe Karlsruhe

↓ entrance situation convention centre Karlsruhe

↓ Konzerthaus

This document is only available in German:

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