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Modernization of Karlsruhe Stadthalle - The geothermal construction site is running according to plan

Karlsruhe, 4.03.2024 - Anyone who has crossed the inner-city fairground in recent weeks will have noticed the extensive barriers around the Stadthalle, which is currently being modernized. Behind the fences, the company Krämer Brunnenbau & Energie GmbH from Dettenheim is creating the conditions for near-surface geothermal energy.

To date, the four 21-metre-deep boreholes to the west of the Stadthalle have been drilled into the sandy, gravelly ground as planned. The trees standing here have all been preserved thanks to careful planning and the involvement of the gardening department.

The three eastern boreholes between the Stadthalle and Novotel will follow in the next few weeks. The geothermal project will then be completed by the drilling shaft structures as the "head" of the boreholes with their pumping and extraction equipment, as well as the trenches and channels connecting the drilling points with the building and the central building services units. Two planning offices and two other specialist contractors from Karlsruhe and the region are involved. The project will be completed by August 2024.

"It is important that sustainability is also the focus of the modernization of the Stadthalle, which will once again be an important meeting place for citizens in the future," says First Mayor Gabriele Luczak-Schwarz. "The Stadthalle's geothermal project can therefore also point the way for other future-oriented, sustainable projects in the city of Karlsruhe."

Britta Wirtz, Managing Director of Karlsruher Messegesellschaft, which will operate the modernized Stadthalle, emphasizes: "Our customers attach great importance to sustainability and individual concepts in terms of space, lighting control and comfort. This will open doors for us. We are already noticing this as we start marketing the hall."

Groundwater use is environmentally friendly and regenerative

The concept for near-surface geothermal energy follows a simple circulation principle. The groundwater is extracted at a depth of 21 meters to the east of the Stadthalle. The water is then channeled through the building into a heat exchanger, which uses the water for cooling in summer and heating in winter. On the west side, the water is fed back into the groundwater via four seepage wells. The extraction and reintroduction are calculated in such a way that, on the one hand, only minimal and barely measurable groundwater fluctuations are generated and, on the other hand, the temperature of the groundwater remains constant throughout the year. The use of groundwater is environmentally friendly and regenerative, replacing the previous CO2 intensive heating and cooling system of the Stadthalle, which was largely operated with fossil fuels.

Significantly higher energy efficiency amortizes the investment costs

Significantly increased energy efficiency is another major benefit of the modernization. Additional active and passive systems in the building services, such as sophisticated control technology, as well as solar control films for the sloped glazing will significantly reduce the overall energy level. In short, this means: less energy consumption than before, which is also environmentally friendly and regenerative. The investment costs have already been reduced, depending on the approach of energy cost forecasts, will have paid for themselves within seven to ten years amortized. With a new life cycle for the Stadthalle of 30 - 50 years, this is a very good value and a good and solid investment for the future.

"We are delighted that the ambitious geothermal project has worked so well so far. On time and on budget. Not only in the planning and design, but also in the approval process and in the construction work carried out so far," says project manager and architect Matthias Kraemer from general planner SSP AG reports.

An important step towards a green future!

These boreholes are a decisive step towards sustainability and renewable energies.

Our near-surface geothermal systems will make a significant contribution to generating heat for the Stadthalle in winter and cooling in summer.

Many thanks to the company Krämer Brunnenbau & Energie GmbH, which will drill a total of 7 wells.

Find out more about the town hall modernization project at https://lnkd.in/ey9WicvU

Baden-TV reports: offerta 2023 and TIERisch gut 2023: Karlsruhe trade fairs with guaranteed experiences for the whole family!

From 28 October to 5 November, offerta 2023 will open its doors at Messe Karlsruhe. With multifaceted themed halls, music, a stage programme and unique taste experiences, the trade fair offers a varied programme. Highlights include the comeback of "Games for Families" and the new "Beautytime". Pop-up areas for start-ups and an art project entitled "God's Living Room" will provide unique experiences.

offerta is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

TIERisch gut 2023 - trade fair for dogs and cats in Karlsruhe

From 11 to 12 November, the trade fair will present the best for dogs and cats. With an international pedigree dog exhibition, information programmes on keeping and training and a new start-up area, the trade fair offers a wide range of products and services. The TIERisch gut trade fair is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm.

Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre Magazine by BadenTV - October 2023

Our new free service: the bicycle breakdown service
We hosted the 2023 annual meeting of the Association of Zoological Gardens
Between alpacas and congresses: Our inner-city congress center at the Karlsruhe Zoo!
The modernization of the city hall is on schedule
Baden-TV reports: Review of the REHAB and New Housing trade fairs

At REHAB 2023, a ground-breaking steel-frame wheelchair will be presented in Hall 2. Thanks to a cooperation between renowned manufacturers, it offers globally unique flexible adjustment options and integrated glasses for versatile use, even outdoors in the sunshine.

The REHAB trade fair offers a wide range of aids for all age groups and needs. A 3000 square metre test course in the outdoor area allows visitors to gain practical experience, true to the motto "touch, try, exchange".

The New Housing Fair, from 30 June to 2 July, presented 60 Tiny Houses, including the 20 square metre ecological model of MI CASA Tiny Houses. This Tiny House will be presented for the first time and will be available for purchase during the fair.

Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre Magazine by BadenTV - June 2023

Sustainability measures at Messe Karlsruhe
Baden-TV reports: Digital education and modern working environments at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre

LEARNTEC is dedicated to digital education, while New Work Evolution presents modern work environment design. LEARNTEC showcases trends in digital education, including the LEARNTEC Future Lab with the latest technologies. NWE presents modern working environments, emphasises trust in working relationships, highlights the role of technologies and software solutions and presents concrete solutions for workspace design.

The trade fairs are aimed at a wide audience, especially employers who want to find out about the diverse possibilities of work environment design. Opening hours: Tuesday and Wednesday from 9am to 6pm, Thursday from 9am to 5pm.

Visitors are invited to discover the latest trends and concepts on site and find out how they can maximise their well-being while learning or working.

Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre Magazine by BadenTV - May 2023

Baden-TV reports: Art Karlsruhe 2023 opens its doors

207 galleries from 15 countries will present works ranging from prints and classical modernism to contemporary art.

After this year's edition, the 20-year success story of Art Karlsruhe will be taken over by two curators. Visitors can expect not only a return to normality after the pandemic, but also a special exhibition by Ewald Karl Schrade himself, offering an insight into his art philosophy and accompanying artists.

The fair is open from Thursday to Sunday and promises an inspiring journey through two decades of art history with a variety of aesthetic experiences.

Art Karlsruhe 2023: A must-see for all art lovers from 4 to 7 May in the halls of Messe Karlsruhe.

Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre Magazine by BadenTV - April 2023

Baden-TV reports: Pleasure and flavour experiences at the RendezVino

Messe Karlsruhe cordially invites you to this year's edition of RendezVino, which has a completely new concept this year. From 24 to 26 March, 8000 square metres at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre will be transformed into a paradise for wine connoisseurs. The focus will be on wine enjoyment and tastings, offering visitors a taste of the variety in advance.

This year, March is all about wine. Ms Reinelt, member of the board of the Durlach State Winery, emphasised the importance of wine for the Karlsruhe region. The favourable climatic conditions along the Rhine and the warm environment make the region ideal for growing wine.

Visitors to the fair can look forward to a wide range of products, from traditional wines and more to new creations. Staatsweingut Durlach is characterised by individual advice and is aimed at both sophisticated beginners and wine lovers who appreciate genuine quality.

Britta Wirtz, Managing Director of Messe Karlsruhe, emphasises the variety on offer and recommends looking over the experts' shoulders, registering for the barbecue championship or seeking advice from wine sommeliers. The trade fair attaches great importance to regionality and sustainability, which runs through the entire programme.

Enjoyment and taste experiences are therefore at the centre of RendezVino, which appeals not only to wine lovers but also to beginners. The fair promises to reveal new facets of enjoyment and offer visitors an unforgettable time.

Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre Magazine by BadenTV - March 2023

Webtalk: #SustainableFair - in conversation

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NEW: EUROVINO - Trade Fair for Wine

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Baden-TV reports: Trend topic Tiny House and art fair in summer

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Opening Styles Hotel Karlsruhe Messe

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Germany is home to the fair! - #FairMonthMay

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Baden-TV reports: Trade fair summer 2022 starts now!

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Easter Action: Simply Crafted & Recycled - DIY Series

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International Women's Day: we celebrate, empower and support our wonderful women at Messe Karlsruhe

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Finally LIVE again!

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Happy Eastern!
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Bülent Ceylan, Helge Schneider, Dieter Nuhr and Kaya Yanar at Messe Karlsruhe
Messe Karlsruhe supports 1st Karlsruhe Event Law Days
Our new Logo
The dm-arena as a courtroom
Latin dances in the Schwarzwaldhalle
Sweaty show moments in the dm-arena

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We were at the IMEX 2019 in Frankfurt
New issue of the Messe Karlsruhe magazine by Baden TV
All career events of the last month at a glance
We offer a variety of outdoor locations.
Tent solution and beer garden in the atrium of the Karlsruhe exhibition center

Our Atrium: The outdoor location for your corporate event.

Over the summer months, we complement our Atrium, the outdoor area in the center of Messe Karlsruhe, with everything you need for a successful outdoor celebration: a fully equipped marquee guarantees that the event can be held in almost any weather conditions. A spacious beer garden and the popular food stations of our catering partner GAULS create a relaxed atmosphere and make it easier for you to organize the catering. We give everything to make the realization of your outdoor event as easy as possible!


  • Day rental atrium
  • Daily rent tent and beer garden area
  • Seating for up to 440 people (320 of them in the tent)
  • simple sound system (for speech and background music)
  • Ambient lighting
  • Electricity connections and consumption (for catering and basic technical equipment)
  • obligatory personnel costs (security, cleaning, medical service)
  • use of toilet facilities

from 9.980,- € per day
plus legally valid VAT

For more details, see the info flyer:

Other outdoor locations

Outdoor area P3 of the Karlsrsuhe trade fair during Recycling aktiv / Tiefbau live

Outdoor area of the Karlsruhe trade fair

In addition to the four exhibition halls, our exhibition grounds in Karlsruhe-Rheinstetten also include a large open-air area with technical infrastructure, which is ideally suited for demo parks as well as open-air events.

Karlsruhe Gartenhalle in the direction of Stadtgarten

Gartenhalle with access to the city garden

As a complement to our light-flooded 4,500 sqm garden hall in the Karlsruhe Congress Center, we offer you a beautiful green space for outdoor catering in cooperation with the Stadtgarten Karlsruhe.

Street Food Festival at the Congress Center Karlsruhe

Congress center fairground

10,000 square meters of open-air space in the middle of Karlsruhe: Our festival site at the Congress Center makes many things possible. Meet indoors, celebrate outdoors or create additional exhibition and catering areas outdoors.